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 Pre-Wedding and Wedding Day Products and Services  

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions in relating to our packages,
services, and products.    Please send all Questions to :

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Q: Pre-Wedding Day Photo Products & Services Q: Wedding Day Photography & Services Q: ( How Much ) Spending on Photography

What is Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Bridal Album and Collages ?

Pre-Wedding or Bridal Portraits are photoshoot sessions that are planned, designed and executed months ahead before your wedding day.  These include Studio Bridal Portraits and Outdoor locations shoot.  All the photoshoot will be done within half-day session ( about 6-hour ), and inclusive of timing for studio make-up and hair-styling changes.

The final products will be the Bridal Album(s), Photo-Collages, Enlargement Portraits, Digital Bridal Album Presentation DVD, and many more ...

Apart from keep-sake, these products are designed specifically for showcasing it during your lunch or dinner wedding banquet.  The Digital Presentation item is designed for play-back looping during the wedding reception hour, or can be duplicated for mass distribution, etc.

Large Framed Photo-Collage or Enlargement Portraits are for displays at wedding reception area, and finally these Artworks and Master-pieces will be hung on your living or bedroom walls. 


How many Dresses and Gowns can be brought to your Studio for the indoor sessions ?

We would like to suggest that you could bring up to 4 apparels and changes, during the 4-hour indoor studio shoots.  This duration also include the timing taken for makeup and hairdo style changes.  Basically, you'll have your Wedding Gown, Tea-Dress ( or Traditional Chinese 'Kua' ) , Evening Dress and Causal Wear.

Upon booking a Pre-wedding shoot with us, you'll be given a 2nd appointment for a following-up at our studio for discussion. During this meeting, you will be advise on details and procedures, including a planned schedule and a discussion on locations and preferences, etc.


When can we expect our Studio and Outdoor Albums to be ready ?

Your ( Pre-Wedding Day ) Bridal Portraits Album and other related products, will be ready about 2-3 weeks before your wedding day.

However, delays will be expected, if you have returned your selections & list, before 6 weeks into your wedding.  Normally, we advise to revert your selection within 1 week, after collecting the Preview CD, at our studio ( 2 months before your wedding day ).

Under normal circumstances and following to our schedule, you should be receiving your Album(s) 2-3 weeks before your wedding.


Could you produce our Bridal Album for less than 2 weeks for our Wedding Day ?

Yes, we could have the Pre-Wedding Day Photoshoot done 2 weeks before your big day. However, Magazine-Style ( Landscape ) album productions needed more time ( 4 weeks ), and would suggest yourself to take-up the Portraits Album Design instead ( 20-pixs for 20-pages + 4-pages of Collages ).  it will be completed 1 day before your wedding day, as long as you make your selection within 1 day period, at our studio or at your home.

For other timing or lesser than 2-week timeframe, please email me at, for email discussion and proposals.


Do you provide Gown & Dresses Rental and make-up services, apart from studio photography services ?

We are Bridal /Wedding Photographers and Make-up / Hairdo Artists. 

For Bridal Gowns designs and rental services, please visit our Partners' shops, or you could get your own gown/dresses from any shops or bridal boutiques in Singapore/Overseas doing ala carte purchases or rental.  It is quite common and relative inexpensive to do so.

For more info doing ala carte and suggestion, please see here :



When do i have to make an appointment or starts looking for a Wedding Photographer ?

It's about the same time as you are making a Wedding Banquet reservation. 

As Wedding Day Photographer can only serve One Wedding Couple per day, therefore checking him out early, and making a booking reservation is equally important, as to avoid last minute disappointment.


What kind of style or approach in wedding photography are you good in ?
My approach is a mixture of
1. *Journalistic (Story-telling) style, with a strong illustrative & artistic flavour,
2. Expressive, dynamic & memorable *Candids, and
3. Studio quality must-get *Formal/Traditional pictures
All Your cherished wedding day story pictures will be designed, collate into Our signature works: *Journal Artwork Photo Albums, *Digital Presentation Albums and *Online Albums.

Take a look at my on-line portfolio samples, and check and see are these what you would like in your wedding albums.

If you prefer more black-&-white pictorial presentations, or other effects, i can make special arrangement to accomodate your request


Is there any hidden costs or extra charges in your packages ?

No.  All the packages quoted are nett. You do not expected to pay or top-up any extra dollars, if you do not order any Optional items


I am undecided and confused over which package is suitable for my needs. Advise ?

All my packages have been evolved thru current and past wedding clients' feedbacks and demands. And therefore, they are specially designed for different requirement and specifications, apart from the obvious price numbers and each individual couples' wedding budget.

Drop me a mail with your wedding brief, and i shall recommend a specific package for your consideration.  Alternatively, have a no-obligation meeting with us, and look thru the sample packages and presentations, and see if those items meet your needs, and budget.  Or we could work out something from there.


What is the "Wedding Day Photo Highlights Express Presentation (DVD)" ?

Yes, the "Wedding Day Photo Highlight Express Presentation DVD" is a video-like presentation of your wedding day's morning pictures ( including gate-crashing, tea-ceremonies, outdoor pixs, etc. ), carefully selected and conceptualised, designed, and are professionally synchcronised in a creative storyline format, with tastefully pre-selected music or soundtrack.

Unlike Most Digital Photographers' common practice ( which maybe a free service in their package ), these Photo Highlights were not created by "power-point" or similar kind of simple software tools for outputting your wedding day photo highlights presentation (with a laptop) , with just random, boring/tasteless and predictable effects -- something that most of my wedding clients can do it themselves, actually.

We have invested high-end tools to produced our interesting Highlights.  Behind these tools, are the Brains -- that creates these time sensitive, creative presentation items, that have had won many compliments and rewarding remarks, from the impressed wedding guests and friends, alike.

Some of Our Brides have actually watch & re-watch it, over and over again, at their Photo Highlights DVDs ( & their Timeline Photo Montages ), and even strangers ( to the Brides ) are moved with tears and emotions just viewing the touching highlights creations ... These are Professionally done Presentations that are distintively separated from the "self home-made" kinds, and the semi-pros works, which are mainly much template driven --  "see-once-see-all" .

Some Pros and Hobbyists may have hi-ends softwares & hardwares that could create Pro-like photo-video slideshows media presentations, but however, it takes much more than just equipments and time ... the Creative Producer must have an deep passions and understanding of the Subject, and in making a memoriable and highly entertaining Art pieces, that make re-watching it over again a pleasure, and a treasure for keep.

It may be a Few minutes on the big Screens, but the labour of love, in creating that masterpieces behind the Computer will takes hours ( some even days ) to complete ... Not forgetting the Stress and commitment of delivering on time at the Wedding Banquet, before the Show starts ...

We have had seen and heard Many Digital Wedding Day Photographers, who did such Presentations for their Clients, failed  time and time again - either can't deliver on time, or the Presentation cock-ups during the showtimes, or the Output and Storyline skill just couldn't make the mark of the Professional realm.

We are the pioneers in Producing Photo-Video Express highlights on Wedding Days, and have achieved a good track records of producing high quality and consistancy works, with many Rave reviews and feedbacks ....

In-a-matter-of-fact, this item has had won us many wedding contracts, as these Professional Photo-Video Wedding Story Presentation's quality speak and sell for itself.


Besides wedding media presentation, what are your other selling points ?

My forte and signature works, are in the creation and production of the Wedding Day Journal Artwork™ Photo albums.  

As i believed that i'm gifted for an eye for details, narrative strength, and wonderful in creative expressions, therefore, i can tell your wedding story, thru my images and artworks .... And i'll create each page and chapter of your Wedding story, in an artistic fashion, with a good taste and strong concept -- a specialised item that you'll treasure above the rest.

While others gave you so-called wedding 'coffee-table books' with highly template-driven and non-impact pages, ... you'll know why the value of my signature creations, when you have seen and flip thru the final products of my inspiration ( and perspiration ) ... some of my clients commented that these are the Best they have seen ! ( CLICK HERE for recent Testimonials ... )


Yes, i am satisfied with your on-line portfolio and works, where do i go from here ?

It is advisable to make an appointment to meet-up and view my hard-copies samples, and recent wedding works, at my studio.  So that you could better gauged the final works would look like, and a face-to-face discussion, will aid us in better understands your expectation and requirement.

During such meeting, you'll be shown with our latest and recent weddings photo works, and some photo-video presentations.  This is where you'll make a better judgement of our style and finishing products.  

At the end of the meeting, Forms and Packages' Details, will be given to you, and you'll only need to reply via post, e-mail, or fax, at a later time and date, when you have so decided to engaged our services, for your special day ( subject to date availability ).


What is the procedure, when i am interested in signing your packages, and commissioning you as our Wedding Photographer?

Simple.  Just fill in the agreement/job order forms provided, and with a booking confirmation deposit cheque payment, and mail it to us.

An authentication and confirmation letter will be forwarded to you ... ( about 1 - 3 weeks ).

A 2nd appointment will be scheduled nearer to your wedding date ( usually 1 month ahead ), for a final detailing and briefing from you. During such meet-up, new wedding works and updates will be presented to you, so that you could pick-up some pointers or ideas, while viewing others weddings proceedings, thru the photographs.

Other special briefings includes, church services & solemnization, evening solemnization at the hotel, specific outdoor location shoots, early hour reporting request, etc.

We have a very well structured work-flow, that will take us from the initial contact ( by phone or emails ), to our 1st meeting ( proposals & decision-making ), 2nd meeting ( Wedding Day Briefings ), to the following-up call(s) right up to your BIG DAY. And lastly, the expected collection date of the Finished Album(s) will also be communicated.


What is the grace period before deciding or confirming your service or booking ?

Our Booking and Confirmation Policy is simple -- "First-Confirmed-First-Serve", as opposed to  "First-Come-First-Serve".

After pre-wedding consultation, and if you have shown interest in our services and works, you may make bookings on the spot, or you could decide at a later date.  However, if another wedding couple is interested, and have made a confirmation booking ( with the signing of the Job Order Form, and with a payment deposit ), then the service date is NO longer made available, unless manpower ( associates ) are still avail.


What's Your View on Spending on Wedding Day Photography & Services ?

As an estimate, it's about 5 ~ 8% of your Total Spending on your Wedding Banquet final bill ( However, this may varies from couple to couple requirements ... ).

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