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Photo Studio Photographer - Professional Portraits Makeover for Director Executive Profiles, Corporate Head-shots, full-length, head-&-shoulders, Business Photo Pics, Personality Images, Marketing Commercial Photography

Professional Portraits - Nick Goh Studio Corporate Executive Professional Portraits  - Nick Goh Photography Studio, Singapore   


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  Photo Session                Select a preferred Date & Time-slot, from Monday ~ Friday or

                                             Sat & Sun ( Weekends rate applies ) / 11am ~ 8pm  

                                              ( for Appointment after 8pm, please call to check ).


  Advance Booking          Normally 1 - 2 days advance appointment booking is required,

                                             via SMS Text  / Whatsapp, or Voice Call  ( +65 9380-6946 )


  Urgent Appointment    For Photo session within the same day, at least a 2-hours advance

                                             notification / booking is needed, subject to slots availability. 



2019 Corporate Executive Profiles & Personal Portraits 

   Professional Photo-shoot & Makeover Packages ( Weekdays Standard Rate / Weekends Standard Rate )


Professional Studio Profile / Portraits Photo Packages

[ Nick Goh Photo Studio ]

Weekdays Std. Rate: Mon – Fri 11am - 8pm

Weekends Std. Rate:  Sat, Sun, PH  10am – 7pm

Professional Makeup & Hairdo ( Makeover )

Studio Photo Shoot Session / Backdrop

Expected Profiles Coverage

Deliverables / Output in Hi-Res Soft-copies ( Photo-CD )

[A] Full-Length Profile Pro Photo & Makeover Package


*For Personal Profiles & Collections, Corporate Heads & Director's Profiles,  Fashion Models' Composits, Advertisements & Publishing, Etc.







Makeup & Hairdo Svc



2 Backdrops

2 Apparels


Head shots

Half body

Full length


over 100+ images for keep

2 x selections

Premium Editing

[B] Full-Length Profile Professional Photo-only Package, with 2 Hard & Soft-copies (Edited)


*For Book Authors, Cabin Crews Applications, Property Agents Promo, Professional Services & Websites, Etc.

Edited Soft-Coy version at 8"x12" & 300 DPI Resolution, or purchase Higher sizes & Resolutions at current quote ( Pls Call for quote ).










2 Backdrop

2 Apparels


Head shots

Half body

 Full Length



over 80+ images for keep

 2 x selections

 Premium Editing

 Soft-copies version


[C] Corporate Exec. Headshots Photo with Makeover Package


*For Personal Profiles & Collections, Corporate Heads & Director's Profiles, Organisation Charts, Adverts & Publishing, Etc.










 Makeup & Hairdo Svc



 1 Backdrop 

1 Apparel


Head shots

Half body


over 60+ images for keep

1 x selection

 Premium Editing


[D] Corporate Exec. Headshots/ Resume/ Website Profile Photo, with 1 Hard & Soft-copy (Edited)


*For Professional Resume Picturess, Job Profiles, Professional Services & Websites applications, Etc.

Edited Soft-Coy version at 5"x7" & 300 DPI Resolution, or purchase Higher sizes & Resolutions at current quote ( Pls Call for quote ).















1 Backdrop

1 Apparel


Head shots

Half body


over 40+ images for keep

1 x selection

 Basic Edting ( Add $90 for premium editing )

Soft-copy version



[E] Basic Profile/ Passport/ Visa/ ID/ Namecard 


*For Passport & ID photos, Business Cards, Website & Icon Profile Photo, Etc.


$ 98








1 Backdrop

1 Apparel


Head shots


over 20+ images for keep

1 x selection

Basic Editing /Crop to size

 Passport x 6 copies

   All Prices are nett.


  > Premium Editing  = Detailed editing & touched-up covering softening or smoothening facial lines, removing blemishes or spots,

                                          even-out skin tone, correcting teeth colour tint, etc.    Certain fabric creases / folds can be "removed" upon request.


  > Basic Editing          =  General colour, contrast optimization, and skin-tone balancing only.


  > Digital Output       = Deliverable are in Hi-Resolution Files for Printing & Publications > 8"x12 "x 300 DPI or 5"x7 "x 300 DPI ( Default )

                                          For web and screen versions, these can be resized-down to fit the website requirement.

                                          Hard-copies are available upon request, at current published rate and prices




General information on Our Photo Services & Good-to-Know details ... 


    Nick Goh Photo Studio - Your very own Professional Portraits Photographer 

We are a team of Photographer/Photo Artists, and Professional Makeup Stylists, offering Studio Portraits

Makeover for Individuals, Groups, Corporate Heads, Directors, Executives, Company Staffs & Managers, 

Professionals, Consultant, Professors, Military and Uniformed Officers, NCO, Talents, Musicians, Writers,

Sportsmen, Book Authors, Organizations / Associations / Clubs' Presidents and Leadership Members.


    Own Apparels, Outfits or Costumes / Makeup & Hairdo Services 

You and/or your colleague must have own apparels & outfits ready for the photo-shoot session.  

Alternatively, we do have men's jacket ( with tie ) & Ladies' blazer for one-time rental at our Studio.


We do offer professional makeup & hairdo services at $150 per female / male.Alternatively, choose

a package that include this service in our offering – Pkg [A] or [C] 


    Instant Portrait Peviews & Getting Back All Professional Images in a Photo-CD 

All images taken will be reviewed quickly on the computer, for posing adjustments & variations.

At the end of the Portrait session, you'll received a Photo-CD of all the images taken. You will review

it at your own pace, and revert with the selection for us to do editing & touched-ups.


These premium or basic editing are done professionally that will look very natural, and any deemed

 physical blemishes ‘lighten’ or removed. Our Digital Artists will work thru tight deadlines to fulfilled

your time-sensitive profiles photos, & send via email for your quick & easy download.


*All final hi resolutions images will be ready for download, within 72-hours upon submission.

Failing of submission within 3 weeks period will be void our agreement for the editing services,

or any hard copies purchased.


    What are these Enhanced Digital Images / Photos used for ?  

These hi-resolutions edited images are used for publications, printed matters, annual reports, biography,

Corporate websites, organisation chart, conference seminar profile, pro Blogs, marketing materials,

name cards, corporate brochures, resume and passports photo, etc.


    On-site Photography service, with Lightings and Backdrop for Corporate Portraits   

Yes, we do go over to Client's premises, for their Profile Photos and Environmental Portraits. 

Shoot may include corporate heads, individuals & group portraits, within the same photo session.  

For more info and quotation, please call or email us for details.


Nick Goh Photography © - Corporate Makeover Professional Studio Portraits - Colour PicturesCorporate Profile Photo - Nick Goh Photography Studio (c)Executive profileCorporate Profile Photo - Nick Goh Photography Studio (c)Corporate Profile Photo - Nick Goh Photography Studio (c)Executive PortraitsPersonal Makeover PortfolioNick Goh Photography © - Corporate Profile / Head Shots - Head-&-Shoulder Photo-shotsNick Goh Photography © - Celebrity Personality / Studio Photo-shootsCorporate Profile Photo - Nick Goh Photography Studio (c)Corporate Profile Photo - Nick Goh Photography Studio (c)Nick Goh Photography © - Executive Professional Studio Portraits - Half-body - Head Sholder



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    " ... You are in good hands with the Master Portraitist & Corporate Image-maker" ~ Nick Goh


Professional Portraits - Nick Goh Photo Studio Singapore

[ Nick Goh Professional Studio ] is designed & setup for the MNC

Corporations and Private Companies, with value-added Profiles and

Executives Portraiture works, that meet the high standard and expectation

in the Corporate world. 


Most of the Photo shoots are done right in our Professional Portraits Studio, 

while a few are done at Clients' office locations, for a 12 pax ( minimum ) 

or over 60 office staffs, seniors Executives, Managers, Directors, etc.

These full-length, head-&-shoulders, head-shots are hi-resolutions images 

( JPEG/ Tiff format ), which are skillfully edited/ touched-up & calibrated for 

used in the companies' websites, printing, publishing & media presentations.


        Nick Goh Photography Studio is near ....

     8 mins drive away from Orchard Road Shopping District , Alexandra Technopark

     | 10 mins drive from Jurong East Gateway, JTC International Business Park 

     | 20 mins drive from CDB Area, Financial District, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Shenton Way 

     | 35 mins drive from Chai Chee Techno Park, Changi Business Park, Changi Airport Terminals


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 Nick Goh ( Singapore)  "I have had shots hundreds of corporate head-shots and business profile photos each year. 
The idea and interesting part is to understands that each individual is uniquely different, and
requires a different approach, depending on 4 factors --   
   1). The subjects personality,   2). His / Her industry or professional field or background,   
   3). What sort of image, look or feel, the subject would like to achieved or to project to his/her 
        viewers and the world, 4). The usage or application of the selected / edited images.
That's the reason i am highly conversational before and during the photo session - to understands or to 'read the minds'
of the subjects' needs.  And to provides consultative option, art direction and guidance during the creative process.
And finally getting a good collection of profile images done in a relax environment, within a good disciplined timeline ..."


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