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Why Nick Goh Bridal Photography is for You ?

Master Bridal Photographer
| Nick Goh has been dedicated in his studio & outdoor photography craft, since 2002.
His indoor portraits photography, offer clients the comfort of having their pre-wedding shots,
in his private Photo Studio, showing them the 'right ways' in the Art of Posings, in their wedding
gowns & suits -- acheiving results that are natural, elegant & graceful ...

Distinguish Album Designer / Producer
| Nick Goh don't delivers 'run-of-the-mill' Bridal photographic works and Montage DVD presentations --
We rendered beyond the industry standards, by giving each couples a different love-&-romantic themes
that are uniquely their own -- and whereby each prized albums are Never 'factory template' driven,
but are originally designed & crafted, skillfully touched-up and artistically digital enhanced that are
well-loved and recognised by Nick Goh's bridal arts fans, and satisfied wedding couples.
Lowest Cost per Designed Page / Photo
| Nick Goh enjoys bridal photography works, that inspire, impressed and entertain wedding couples.
Your satisfaction and testimonial is our best rewards. These have always translated into giving couples
premium works and creative services, that cost them only a fractions of what other studios are charging,
which also include all images taken giving to couples, without any top-ups or pressure selling.

Bridal Planning Services
| Nick Goh Wedding Co-ordinator will be at hand to help you ease the headaches of getting a practical
bridal timeline, that will guide you on most bridal logistic and talents issues, like makeup artist, gowns
fittings and collection timing, florist, transportation, and including a bridal shooting day itinerary.
Photo-CD collection and selection, and the projected portrait & album delivery.
Testimonials from Current & Past Happy Married Couples
| Nick Goh ultimate trophies are his satisfied happy couples that had blessed him with countless
thank you cards, letters, and gifts, as a sign of appreciation for his dedication and focus on his bridal works
& services.  These are to him like glittering prizes that worth more than silver & gold !
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