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Edited & 'RAW' Versions - FAQ
Digital Photography Post Productions / Processing


Pre-Wedding - Studio / Outdoor

Q: What's format do you shoot in ?
A: For Pre-wedding studio shots, we shoot in Nikon RAW NEF format.
    For outdoors, at times we may shoot in Hi-Resolutions JPEG format.
Q: What do we get ?
A: For Pre-Wedding, the deliverables will be in 4R Print Proofs ( in Photo-CD ).
    After the album productions, you'll get the touch-up TIFF format files,
    and album artworks files in CD.
Wedding Day / ROM Day
Q: What's format do you shoot in ?
A: For Wedding and ROM day, we shoot in JPEG format.
    The resolutions are enough to produced hi quality prints and
     Journal Artwork Albums ( if needed ).
Q: What do we get ?
A: For Wedding and ROM day, you'll received a Photo-CD of collections of all images taken.
    Inside the Photo-CD, there are 3 folders, which contain :
    [1] The 'RAW' original unprocessed files, in JPEG format ( 2 ~ 4 MB )
    [2] The Edited version, in 4R Ready-to-Print, in JPEG format ( 1 ~ 2 MB ) uncompressed
    [3] The Web versions, for online selections, and for quick previews / loading
Q: What's the difference between the Edited & the 'RAW' versions ?
A: The 'RAW' is actually original image files ( JPEG ) taken directly from the Camera,
     without any post -processing, or digital corrections / enhancement / manipulations.
     The Edited versions means that the Original digital image taken from the memory cards,
     will be ( post ) processed, edit and fine-tuned for contrast, brightness, colour and effects.
     In Nick Goh Photography, all processed ( edited ) images, will be in 4R Ready-to-Print files,
     in a Photo-CD.  You can directly print these files ( photos ) at any Fujicolour Photo Lab,
     without any operator intervention, and getting consistence and predictable ( expected ) results,
     as each of these images had been manually calibrated, corrected, fined-tuned and enhanced.
     Printing from *Un-edited files from other Studios or Photographers' works, may results from
     in-consistency, dull, and poor calibrated quality prints ( *if there are no qualified trained
     operator's intervention, from the Photo Lab ). Printing at different batches will show variations
     in prints quality and consistency, which is beyond one's control, and professional judgment.
Below are some samples comparisons, between the original 'RAW' JPEG image photo, and the
Edited ( post-processed ) version.  These are Proprietary Works from Nick Goh Photography Studio,
and it has more than 8 steps / levels of processes for each individual images.  The onscreen samples,
may differs from the actual prints, as different computers' monitors / LCD properties, calibration are
different, and will affect the judgment, and may not be representative of the final printed versions.
                  Click on the thmbnails  to see a larger version !
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