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Family & Graduation Portraits - Terms & Conditions 


01 – PRODUCTS & SERVICES: All Family Portrait or Graduations Premium & Basic photo packages purchased, will include 1 edited or touched-up framed portrait ( Lamination or Canvas ).  The digital touched-up will basically cover all facial lines & blemishes, and eye bags, and may includes neck lines. These lines, wrinkles, crow feet lines will be slightly smoothen and/ or reduced.  Eye glasses reflections will be minimised at least 50%.
Editing or touched-up may include balancing contrasting facial skin-tones, or lightening to match the rest of the portraits.  These digital retouching services and works are a complimentary to the purchasing package, and does NOT covers other bodily area like hands, arms, hips, mid-sections, and limbs. 
Customer may request for a “before-&-after” sample proofs, for review assessment on the degree or ‘’depth’’ of the retouching works, before commissioning the service to the Photo Studio Photographer & the Digital Retouching Team.
Other areas of image rendering / digital manipulations, like creases on fabric materials, removing dirt or marks on subjects' items, putting in foreign objects, shifting subject's positioning, altering body or facial features, colours replacement, etc. will be subjected to Photo Studio Digital Team's review, acceptance, and technical advises and possibilities, and agreed costing, and upfront payments.  A revised proof will be communicated, before final printing.
02 – DIGITAL IMAGES & RIGHTS : All original JPG format images ( 8”x12” – 300 dpi ) taken may be given, or for sale to the Customers, depending on the Packages purchased. A preview thumbnails image files will be given for selections and screen viewing only.  These images are not designed for large format printing.  The Photo Studio ( Creator ) may released the sale of the Edited version or Portrait files to the Customers, or any new orders for other selections.  The pricing & rate is printed on the job order / receipt.  Validity of yearly pricing will applies.  A total purchased bill amounting to $2K or more, in a single photo-shoot date, will entitled for the release of or rights to the ownership of the Edited Portrait's digital soft-copy.
03 – SPECIAL REQUEST & ORDERS : The Service Provider / Photo Studio has the rights to quote and bill for any retouching service, that is not part of the purchased package, and will be make known to the Customer, before executing the job.  An upfront payment will be required before the proof has been done.
Edited Portrait's soft copy ( digital image file ) is not part of any published/listed portrait packages, and can be purchased upon request.  A recent price list based on the image size ( in 300 dpi ), will be quoted accordingly.
04 – COMPLIMENTARY ITEMS : All 5R complimentary loose Prints or Table-tops are in original JPG format, example images or prints without editing or rendering. These are direct printing from source, example photo-CD, with some colour & contrast enhancement, fine-tuning or calibration for the specific machine and media printing/ output.  If a specific touched-up or rendering service is requested, a quotation will be given based on assessment, timeline and technical possibilities.
05 – BOOKING CONFIRMATION & PAYMENT : An advance Booking is required for a family or graduation photo session in the studio.  A booking confirmation note will be send via SMS ( or email ), to the Customer.  An acknowledgement reply is required for the said booking.  A non-refundable deposit payment will be required for any Makeup/hairdo services for the portrait session. The balance or Full payment must be paid on the day, upon receiving the images for selections and keep.
06 – GRADUATION GOWNS & PROPS : A rental or/and free service for the use of Graduation gowns and its availability will be communicated via SMS and email.  A Photo image of the gown design and colour hood must be attached in the email / MMS, for identification and matching references, and to advise the Customer for alternative option if it is Not available., like Digital colour replacement/matching.  Personal props and items like graduation bears, flowers bouquet, scroll and transcripts can be used for the photo session. The Studio has some generic props for free usage, if required or available.  There will be 1 to 2 backgrounds option given during the photo session – for individual portrait, and in group portraitures.
07 – PHOTO-CD & SUBMISSION / COLLECTION  : After the photo session, a Photo-CD will be given for the Customer selections. The Customer will be advised to submit their selections within 3 months of the date. All selections can be send via Email or SMS, detailing the photo reference numbers, sizes, and other remarks, for digital retouching and final productions.  The last phase will takes 8 - 9 weeks ( during non-peak period ).  A SMS notification will be send for the scheduled collection time/date, for the pick-up at our studio.
A Failure to submit within the 3-month pre-viewing period, from the photo shoot date, will void the Studio's obligation or Customer's contract to fulfill the delivery of the final finished products / wall portraits and any complimentary items.
A re-order can be made after the 3-month period, for the continuation of the project, at the current pricing and quote, based on the Customer's new specs and quality.
The Studio will keep a back-up of all digital images & data for a period for about 1 - 2 years.  Customers may order or buy such back-up data / soft-copies / hi-resolutions from the studio, if still available.
The Collection of the finished products / orders, is projected between 8 - 9 weeks. For any request to made for an earlier collection date, as scheduled, can be arranged upon consideration and possibility, by the Studio's digital & production team.
08 – EXTRA ORDERS & PURCHASES : The Customer may purchased any items or make new orders, after the initial package purchased, and may referred to the receipt given for the price list.  Duplicates wall portraits will be priced at 15% off.  All hi-resolutions RAW files will be keep in our Photo Studio Archived storage for about 2 years.